Things That You Should Do To Turn On Your Partner

It is no secret that physical and sexual spark is crucial in a relationship. If there is no bond between you and your partner, the relationship might not get to a deeper level. The best part is that you can keep the spark glowing by seducing each other and playing games in various ways both inside and outside the bedroom. Here are some of them:

  1. Use eye contact

When not in bed, look at your partner in the eyes. That means that you should maintain eye contact when having a meal, or when communicating. It creates the urge for connection and appreciation between both of you. Plus, maintaining eye contact means that you are attracted to your partner. So, it will help you to remember how you are into each other.

  1. Share a hot shower

Taking your love to the bathroom by having a hot shower together can be very romantic and sexual. It increases the attraction as you will feel more intimate about each other which turns on your partner, discovering new ways to remain together.

  1. Prepare a meal together

Spending time in the kitchen along with your partner can bring you closer together, which will increase the attraction between both of you. By cooking together, you are taking a romantic adventure that is full of playfulness and romance.

  1. Discuss fantasies

Everybody has sexual fantasies. But it is rare to find couples who are comfortable sharing these sexual desires. Take your time to listen to what your partner sincerely desires. Discussing sexual topics together turns on your partner.

  1. Touch more

Yes, there is a lot of touching that happens in the bedroom, but ensure that you maintain the touch even during the day. For example, you can hold each other’s hand when walking or give a goodbye or hello kiss upon greetings. The friendly touch is crucial as it helps to strengthen your relationship. It then flourishes in the bedroom.

  1. Re-imagine your first date

Can you remember your first date? Most likely there was a lot of flirting before, during, and after it. Revive the chemistry and spend time flirting with your partner. Be direct in your flirting to a point where it will become a great turn on.

  1. Watch porn together

If you watch adult porn together with your partner, it can assist you eventually move things to the bedroom, or it will spark some fresh ideas for various fetishes, role plays, or positions that you might want to try.

If you want to keep the spark alive in bed, you will require to take time and indulge in activities that will turn on your partner. Just keep in mind that being intimate during the day will make the bedroom activities even better.

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