Should you share all your sexy past secrets with a new lover

I am not sure about that at all. One of the girls here at Upton Park escorts decided to tell her boyfriend about the time she worked as a porn star in the US. He could handle that she worked for Upton Park escorts, but the thought that his mates may be able to see his girlfriend in a blue movie, was something that he could not handle at all. Sometimes I think it is much better to not say anything.

Before I worked for Upton Park escorts, I had a varied career. I cannot say that I have ever been a porn star, but I have to admit that I have been involved in some other stuff that I have not actually been proved of at all. For instance, I used to do a lot of modeling for adult company in Australia before I ended up going back home when my visa ran out. But, I have never shared that with anybody.

When I came back to London, I did not start to work for Upton Park escorts of straight away. I was kind of wanting to build up a bit of a cash reserve, so I went dancing in Soho. It was a great job at the time and I did both lap dancing and a bit of strip tease. Yes, it built up my cash reserve quickly and I was able to put a deposit on a small flat here in Upton Park. But, I have never told any of my friends about my dancing days.

After having bought my flat, I knew that I wanted to clear the mortgage quickly. Traveling to Soho almost every night was a bit of a pain in the bum, so I checked out the local scene instead. At the time, Upton Park escorts were not that busy but I ended up getting a part time job. I also found a local club not so very far from here, and I did some hostess worked. Still today, I do a little bit of hostess work and it really is good for me. It makes me feel good about myself and I also promote my escorts service a little bit.

Most of the girls here at Upton Park escorts have not had conventional jobs. In many ways, I think that it is kind of good to have a conventional job. One of the girls here is really good at selling cosmetics, so she could always fall back on that. If the agency closed down, I think that I would work as a hostess full time. It pay pretty well. But, my dream would be to have my own business. I have all of these dreams that I would like to fulfill and I am sure that I could pull of my dream of becoming a florist somehow. Flowers and selling plants is a dream of mine, and I sometimes do it at boot sales from my trusted camper van! Once a flower girl, always a flower girl!


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