How important are appearances

I have been dating Stratford escorts of for some time now, and I love it. All of the Stratford escorts I have dated so far look great, but I do think that some of the girls go a bit over the top with looks. I am not into dating escorts who have had a lot of enhancements. It really turns me off and I am not sure that I have ever met anybody who gets really excited dating super enhanced girls.


One of the hottest and sexiest Stratford escorts that I am dating at the moment, is a girl with half an arm. She had this massive motorbike accident when she was young and had to have her left arm partly amputated. It does not bother me at all, and out of all of the Stratford escorts that I have dated so far, she is one of the nicest girls that I have spent time. She is the one girl that I must often hook up with at the escort agency that I use in Stratford.


Does personally matter when you work for a Stratford escorts service? I am one of those guys who believe that personality matters a lot more than looks. Sure, it is nice when a girl from Stratford escorts looks really nice and sexy. But, lets’ face it, if you don’t have anything in common or anything to talk about, you may as well forget it. I do like to feel that I have something in common with the hot girls I date at Stratford escorts.  It is not only me who feels that way. I know plenty of other gentlemen who like to hook up with Stratford escorts, and they also say that a good personality is just as important as good looks.


Hooking up with a nice girl from Stratford escorts, is a bit like the icing on the cake. When I first got into dating Stratford escorts, I did not appreciate how important it is to date a girl who has got a bit of a personality. Now I know that it is one of the most important factors of all, and I make sure that I actually find out if a girl has a nice personality before I even hook up with her. A girl’s personality is now more important to me than anything else. I think that some of the better escort agencies in Stratford have started to realise that, and they now only recruit girls who have got the right personalities as well as looks.


Some Stratford escorts really do like to look super sexy, but it does not work for me. When you take them out on a date, they stand out like a sore thumb. It is not really what you want, and I have been to business functions where the escorts have looked like real tarts. That is not for me at all. I would rather stick to my special escort. She may have half an arm missing, but she is one of the nicest girls that I have met at any Stratford escorts service.


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